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System Rescue CD, Windows Repair and Recovery Tool Collection

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

This looks like a potentially useful tool for those of us who insist on solving our own PC problems …

Windows users have several options at hand when their system does not boot anymore. They can try to boot into Safe Mode, use System Restore to recovery the system to a previous state, or use repair options on the Windows CD to repair the issue. When Windows 8 gets released, options get even better with the included reset and refresh options.


Reset and Refresh Windows 8 PCs

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Windows 8 includes two new recovery features; this article describes differences between the two …

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system will ship with two new recovery modes called Reset and Refresh that users and administrators can use to reset the computer to factory state or to refresh it to a “good state”.


CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Recovery Software

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

This looks like a handy tool for those of us who still have old data backed up in CD format …

I still have CDs lying around that I have created more than ten years ago. Some of them are still working fine while others have unreadable sectors or files. I’m not sure if the type and manufacturer of each individual recordable CD has something to do with that, or if it is more a storage thing. Regardless, I’d have to find a file recovery software to recover files on CDs that are no 100% readable anymore. And while I’m at it, I made the decision to move contents from all CDs, even fine ones, to new media to be on the safe side.


Computer Virus Repair Software Re-Enable

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

One can never have too many tools in one’s anti-virus arsenal … but it’s also good to be a bit wary of unfamiliar solutions too.

Some computer viruses disable system specific features to make it harder for the computer user to detect and remove them. Most people will understand that something is wrong if the Windows Task Manager or Registry editor are not opening up anymore, disabling the features will on the other hand delay the removal of the virus from the system.

Antivirus software that cleans the virus may sometimes fail to cleanup the system properly. It can happen that Windows features are still not accessible even after the virus has been removed from the computer system.