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Google HTTP Search – Yes, It’s Still Possible

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

It’s debatable how useful this trick might be (especially from a security or privacy standpoint,) but it’s still an interesting trick.

Google began to implement SSL on its search engine back in 2010. First on its own domain name, then as a mandatory feature for logged in Google users, and after a while for all users on the main Google Search website. Workarounds to use HTTP instead of HTTPS on Google Search existed ever since the company began implementing HTTPS on its properties but lately most of them were either retired by Google or switched to use HTTPS instead.


You Can’t Block Facebook Using Windows 8’s Hosts File

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Well, it turns out that you can after all … but this article still contains useful information in spite of that.

The Windows hosts file offers a great way of blocking or redirecting certain Internet hosts. I’m for instance using it whenever I move websites to a new hosting company to check the life site before the DNS has fully propagated. You can also download software like Hosts Man that allow you to add lists of known malicious sites or advertising servers to the file to block those automatically from being visited on the computer.


Configure Website Redirect Rules with Redirector for Firefox

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

This Firefox add-on allows you to override automatic redirection functions at most web sites; kind of a neat trick for helping to ensure that you end up on the website that you intended to end up on.

Don’t you hate it when a website automatically redirects you to a localized version? Say you enter, but are taken to instead, or the redirect on Gizmodo that is taking you to the localized version of the site if it exists. While it is usually possible to switch back by changing the country selector or making other configuration changes, it is a nuisance, especially if you explicitly enter the url you want to go into the address bar.  Lots of websites and services are out there that redirect you automatically based on your location in the world.