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How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Edge Hangs

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Unfortunately, the solution for this type of problem with Edge is neither simple nor convenient … but it works.

The new Windows 10 web browser Microsoft Edge is rather bare bones when it comes to tools that it provides you for troubleshooting issues you experience in the browser. Yesterday for instance, I ran into an issue that would prevent a page from loading at all. Edge would hang, and since the tab was already open in the browser, closing and opening it again would not do a thing about it. Whenever Edge opened, the browser would hang and I could do nothing as controls such as closing tabs or the settings were not working.


Windows Downloads for All Operating Systems

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Here’s a handy resource for all of us who still miss the Windows installation discs that used to ship with new PCs …

Most Windows PCs ship without installation disc or any other form of physical product that you can use to re-install the system. While you do get options to create recovery discs, it is not the same thing. The same is true when you purchase upgrades online from Microsoft. You don’t get a disc anymore unless you purchase it directly, and even if you do, you will notice that some versions of the operating system are not available as physical media.


How to Go Back to an Old Version of Firefox

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

When a Firefox update goes haywire, don’t panic; you can always reinstall an earlier version …

My Firefox Nightly version that I have been running for some time now received an update two days ago that rendered it completely unusable. I got weird black bars on the screen that would move around on mouse movement and made it impossible to work with the browser at all. I was not too worried about that at the time as I knew that Nightly versions of the browser sometimes had hiccups like this, and that the next update would likely fix the issue again.