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A High Quality Warranty Usually Means a High Quality Product

Monday, December 5th, 2011

When shopping for a remote control power switch, it’s often difficult to tell which product offers the highest quality. Sure, all manufacturers will promise that their remote control power switch is the best, but how can you tell if any given product will really live up to promises made by sales staff who are anxious to close a deal? It’s easy to see if the remote control power switch includes the features that you need for your remote reboot application, but how can you tell if the product will be reliable and offer years of problem-free service?


Control and Switch Power at Remote Network Equipment Sites without the Road Trip!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ask any network engineer, and they’ll probably tell you that the task of keeping network equipment up and running and ready for use can be an extremely challenging assignment at times. It’s hard enough to keep servers and routers in good health if they’re located on-site, a short walk down the hall from your office, but if those critical network elements are located off-site, at distant data centers and remote network equipment cabinets, the job can prove to be even more of a challenge.


A Better Way to Control Power Reboot Functions at Remote Network Equipment Sites

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

One of the most frustrating things about managing network devices located at remote equipment sites, is the fact that you can’t easily get your hands on them when you need to. When a vital network element at a distant data center or faraway equipment cabinet suddenly crashes and refuses to respond, even a simple power reboot can suddenly become a huge pain-in-the-you-know-where to actually accomplish. Sure, it would be easy to reboot that troublesome router or uncooperative server if it was installed in a rack down the hall, but if it’s located in another state or half-way around the globe, even a routine reboot can involve service teams, truck rolls and expense reports.


A Remote Control Power Switch Can Simplify a Network Administrator’s Life

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

When managing network elements located in remote, offsite equipment racks, even simple tasks like power reboots are often made incredibly frustrating by the very remoteness of the equipment. If that crashed router or unresponsive server was located within arm’s reach instead of inside a remote equipment cabinet miles away, it would be easy to simply cycle power to the unit and have it back up and running again in no time. In cases like this, if the offsite network equipment site lacks a remote control power switch, then often the only solution is an expensive, time-consuming service call to the remote network equipment site, just to flip a power switch Off and then back on again.