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The Console Server – A Vital Tool for Network Administration

Friday, January 21st, 2011

In many cases, large corporate data centers are often located away from the central office, in a secure off-site location that provides access to sufficient electrical power for the routers, firewalls, servers and cooling equipment that populate the data center. This makes perfect sense when you consider security and power requirements, but it also presents somewhat of a challenge for the network administrators who are responsible for maintaining and supporting the devices. When a network element at an off-site data center crashes or starts to act up, administrators need a way to get their hands on the problematic device, without actually traveling to the remote data center. This explains why so many corporate data centers rely on the out of band management capabilities that a console server ( can provide.


The Server Console Switch – A Vital Tool for Off-Site Data Center Management

Friday, December 31st, 2010

It’s almost an unwritten rule that large corporate data centers are inevitably located off-site. The reasons for this are simple; an off-site location usually allows for tighter security measures, and since data centers consume a lot of power, most corporate data centers need to be located at a site that provides access to massive power supplies needed to support routers, firewalls and cooling systems. Given the prevalence of off-site data centers, it’s no surprise that most corporate data centers include an out of band management solution that relies on a server console switch.


Why are Console Servers Such an Important Element in Large Corporate Data Centers?

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

There are many good reasons why large corporate data centers usually rely so heavily on out of band management solutions that include a console server ( For one thing, the very nature of a corporate data center often mandates that they’re located off-site, in a secure location, with access to the massive amounts of electrical power needed to support servers, routers, firewalls and cooling systems.