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Control and Switch Power at Remote Network Equipment Sites without the Road Trip!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ask any network engineer, and they’ll probably tell you that the task of keeping network equipment up and running and ready for use can be an extremely challenging assignment at times. It’s hard enough to keep servers and routers in good health if they’re located on-site, a short walk down the hall from your office, but if those critical network elements are located off-site, at distant data centers and remote network equipment cabinets, the job can prove to be even more of a challenge.


A Remote Control Power Switch Provides a Better Way to Manage Power

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

In many cases, a simple power reboot is all it takes to get an unresponsive server or router back up and running again. Sometimes though, the very location of the problematic server or router means that a “simple power reboot” isn’t all that simple anymore; when a malfunctioning network element is located at an off-site data center or a remote equipment rack, then even the relatively basic task of cycling power on and off suddenly becomes a bit more of a challenge.


Picking the Right Remote Power Control Switch Product for Your Application

Friday, July 15th, 2011

A remote control power switch installed at an offsite data center or remote equipment rack can provide network administrators with a handy assortment of power control and power management capabilities that simplify the task of managing remote network elements and keeping track of conditions at remote network equipment sites. Although the most common use for a remote control power switch is to reboot unresponsive devices, a full-featured remote control power switch can also perform a number of other handy functions, such as scheduling power up and power down times for remote devices, performing power load-shedding and recovery during peak power consumption times and tracking rack temperature and current consumption.