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How to Prevent Websites from Hijacking Keyboard Shortcuts

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Disabling JavaScript is a good start, but sometimes it’s just easier to completely avoid web sites that mess with your browser’s capabilities.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way of speeding up certain operations in the web browser of choice. Ctrl-t opens a new tab, Ctr-s saves the displayed content to the local system, and Ctrl-l moves the cursor to the browser’s address bar. Sometimes however these shortcuts won’t work and the core reason for this is that the website you are on hijacked it. Without going into too many technicalities: websites can override shortcuts by using JavaScript.


ScriptBlock for Chrome Blocks Scripts from Running Automatically on Websites

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Chrome might have a bigger user base, but in many ways they’re still playing catch-up with Firefox when it comes to security and privacy …

One of the core reasons that I’m using Firefox as my main web browser is the NoScript extension for it. It blocks all scripts from running automatically on websites, ships with options to enable scripts temporarily or permanently, and offers a wide area of additional security features that protect the browser well from many threats on today’s Internet.