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Surprise – 40% of Firefox Users don’t use Add-Ons

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

There’s a pretty good chance that the introduction of add-on signing will eventually push that 40% figure even higher.

Apart from giving its users more control over its features than any other web browser out there, another strength of Firefox is the browser’s add-on system. Just like customization options provided by Firefox, add-ons give developers and users more freedom than any other browser out there (that is not based on Firefox code). The add-on system is under fire and big changes are upcoming, and not all of the changes are welcome by part of the Firefox community.


Mozilla Postpones Firefox Add-On Signing Enforcement

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Add-On Signing for Firefox is still on the table, but it looks like it won’t be mandatory until Firefox 44.

Mozilla announced back in February 2015 that the decision was made to introduce add-on signing to Firefox’s extension system. The idea behind the move was to eliminate the majority of malicious or invasive extensions by making add-on signatures mandatory. Signatures are only generated for add-ons which go through a review process on Mozilla’s official add-ons store before they are pushed to the store.


Mozilla Firefox Add-on Signing has started

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Yeah, this is sort of a hassle, but it’s for our own good.

Mozilla announced in February 2015 that it would require add-ons to be signed in the near future to improve security and privacy for users of the browser. The idea here was to reduce the number of malicious extensions released for the browser and here especially those not distributed via Mozilla’s website through the verification of signatures.