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Firefox 38 Notifies You about Add-Ons that Slow Down the Browser

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Given recent experience, it might also be a good idea if Firefox could notify us about Firefox updates that will slow down the browser …

Mozilla plans to integrate notifications to Firefox that inform users if add-ons have been detected that may slow it down. The feature, similar to what Microsoft integrated in its Internet Explorer browser years ago, monitors the performance of add-ons in the browser. If an add-on crosses a certain threshold, the warning is displayed in the Firefox interface.


Opera 19 Stable is Out: Find Out what’s New

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Opera has never quite managed to get the market share that it deserves.

Opera Software has released Opera 19 Stable today, or more precisely, Opera 19.0.1326.56. The company maintains three different versions of the Chromium-based version of Opera currently, with Next and Dev the other two ones. Opera 19 is the fifth major stable version of the new Opera web browser; justification enough to take a look at this new version to see what has been changed since our last review.


Google Chrome Stable gets Reset Browser Settings Feature

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

When all else fails, reset the program to its default settings …

Sometimes it is best to start anew, especially if you face a situation where recovery is unlikely. Mozilla implemented a reset feature to the Firefox web browser in recent time that enables users to reset it whenever they want to start fresh. Users of the browser can run a manual reset, or run it when Firefox has not been used for some time or when crashes or slow loading times are experienced.