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Opera Ships with Free VPN Client

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

If this feature works out well and eventually finds its way into Opera Stable, it will be interesting to see if other browsers decide to include a VPN client too.

Norwegian company Opera Software released a new version of the Developer Edition of its web browser today that ships with a free built-in VPN option. Opera browser is the first major browser that ships with built-in VPN functionality to improve user privacy and security while connected the Internet.


Chinese Companies Make Offer to Acquire Opera Software

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Opera might not be the most popular browser on Earth, but apparently somebody thinks it has potential.

A consortium of Chinese Internet companies, among them Kunlun and Qihoo 360, plan to acquire Norwegian company Opera Software in a buyout valued at $1.2 billion US Dollars. Rumors about a potential acquisition of Opera Software, or a sale of company assets, have circulated around the Internet as early as 2012. While there has surely been interest by many companies to acquire Opera Software, no offer has been made publicly until yesterday.


VPNs – The Next Big Browser Feature?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

A built-in VPN would indeed be a pretty appealing feature to find on a browser. It seems like it would be handy for both business applications and for those who are concerned about privacy.

While there are hundreds of web browsers, there are only a handful of engines all of these browsers run on, especially on the desktop. Chromium alone is the building block for more than a dozen different browsers from Google’s own Chrome browser over Opera and Vivaldi to Comodo Dragon, Yandex browser and SRWare Iron.