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Noise Control Brings Tab Audio Indicators and Muting to Firefox

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

So far, this feature is only available as an app in Firefox, but it’s still encouraging to see Firefox catching up with Chrome in the field of audio control. Now if IE would only get on board too …

One of the Chrome features that I like a lot is that the browser displays audio indicators if audio is played in a tab in it. Even better, it offers options to mute that audio with a single click on the tab. Gone are the times where you had to mute the browser’s sound output, go through tabs individually to find the offending page, or even close the browser completely to disable the sound from playing on your system.


The Main Reason Why Chrome has Tab Audio Indicators and Firefox does Not

Monday, January 20th, 2014

The tab audio indicator function in Chrome does come in pretty handy, but it sounds like Firefox won’t be able to provide a similar function in the near future.

Google landed a pretty cool feature in Chrome Stable recently which indicates where audio comes from in the browser. While it may not be cool for users who open and close tabs one by one only, it can be a godsend for users who use session restore to bring dozens of tabs back to life, and users who open lots of tabs regularly in the browser.