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Using a Dual Ethernet Console Server to Provide Console Access for Maintenance Network Applications

Monday, August 4th, 2014

In large network installations, tech support personnel often find it useful to have an isolated maintenance network, reserved for use as an exclusive avenue to upgrade firmware, perform routine diagnostic functions and deal with network emergencies that may have disrupted access via the primary, user network. When a Dual Ethernet Console Server is included in the maintenance network, this provides both tech support personnel and rank-and-file users with a means to access console port command functions on various network elements.


An Out of Band Mangement Solution for DC Powered Equipment Sites

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Out of band management units provide network administrators with a secure, reliable means to access important console port command functions on remote network devices at off-site network equipment sites. In addition to allowing quick access to command functions, an out of band management unit can also serve as a valuable tool for remotely tracking equipment status and environmental conditions at remote network sites. When you consider the nature of most remote network equipment sites, and the fact that AC power isn’t always available at these sites, it makes perfect sense that many out of band management units are also available in a DC power configuration.


Console Servers Provide the Ideal Solution for Remote Network Equipment Management

Friday, May 27th, 2011

The biggest problem with managing remote network equipment sites is fairly obvious; due to the “remote” nature of these sites, it’s usually pretty difficult for an administrator to know exactly what’s going on at a remote site and if anything does go wrong, then the only way to fix it is an expensive, time consuming service call to a site that might be located in a whole different time zone. Remote site management would be easy if you could permanently station a tech support team on-site 24-7, but who’s got the budget for that these days? In cases like this, a console server unit, intelligently deployed at a remote site can often accomplish the same thing as on-site personnel … at a fraction of the cost and also faster and more efficiently than a service call or truck roll.


24/7 Personalized Account Support

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Remote network management products can be a wonderful thing … as long as they’re working properly when you need them! WTI takes great care to ensure that every product that leaves our facility has been intelligently designed, expertly manufactured and thoroughly tested, but even top-of-the-line equipment can eventually fail or need service some time. When that day comes, you don’t want to be left waiting for weeks for an important network device such as a console switch or switched PDU to be returned from repair … and WTI won’t leave you waiting.