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Color TV from 1968 Still Going Strong

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

This has absolutely nothing to do with networks, security or computers … but it’s still pretty darned amazing.

TV set bought by Derek Wills 42 years ago continues to provide his family with happy viewing. It was the talk of his street when Derek Wills first brought home his color television in 1968.


Music Industry to Pay for Catching Pirates

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Music piracy has been around since the invention of the tape recorder. If the Music Industry is really concerned about their falling profits, then maybe they should worry more about producing a better, more economical product instead of alienating their own customer base.

Coalition says film, TV and music industries must bear financial burden of pursuing illegal downloaders

The government has said today that rights holders in the music, TV and film industries will have to bear 75% of the expense of notifying and pursuing illegal downloaders – estimated to be as much as £14m a year.


Google TV to Launch This Year

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

If Google can provide TV programming with interesting content, then I’m sure people will watch it … but on the other hand, if they just run the same shows that all the other stations are running, then why bother?

The new Google service will bring the web to TV screens – the announcement comes a week after a new version of Apple TV was unveiled

Google will launch its Google TV service, which it intends will bring the web to TV screens, in the US this autumn and around the world next year, its chief executive, Eric Schmidt, said today.

In its sights will be a slice of the £117bn global TV advertising market – which it will want to add to its online advertising revenues, which totalled $22.9bn (£14.94bn) in 2009.


Is Web Video Replacing Prime-time TV?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

For the most part, prime-time TV is a vast wasteland … so it’s no surprise that something like web video would come along to compete with it …

For years, broadcast and cable TV programmers and distributors have talked about web video as if it didn’t pose a threat to their business, typically arguing that it was complementary, not competitive. And statistics seemed to indicate that was in fact the case — the amount of time people spent watching television continued to increase while web video remained largely a daytime work distraction.

But now there are signs that web video could be displacing traditional TV viewing during prime time. A piece in the Wall Street Journal highlights the shift in consumer behavior, noting that web video distributors are finding that their shows are increasingly being watched at the same time that TV programmers broadcast their hottest shows.


TVs watch you while you sleep

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I wonder if these new, intelligent TVs with facial recognition technology, will be able to detect the bored expression on my face when I watch 98% of the junk that’s on TV these days?

New facial recognition and motion sensor technology to roll out across more models, saving energy in the process

The next time you fall asleep in front of the TV, someone, or rather something, could be watching you – and all in the name of saving energy.