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Google’s Fight against Ad Injectors Continues

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

I wish Google luck. Ad injectors are an annoying nuisance to both web users and web designers.

So-called ad injectors are programs that insert ads into pages visited in web browsers. This is harmful in many ways not only to users who are often bombarded with ads, popups and other unwanted annoyances but also webmasters and businesses who finance their sites through advertisement and advertising networks. Google notes in a new blog post on the official Chrome blog that ad injectors are the number one complaint of Chrome users in 2015.


Third-Party Download Ads will be a Thing of the Past soon on Google

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

This is a nice move on Google’s part; third-party download ads are almost always an invitation to trouble.

When you search for software downloads currently on Google, for instance for Firefox, VLC or Google Chrome, then ads may be displayed to you before the organic search results. The problem with this is that advertisers were free to buy spots regardless of their relation with the software. This led to situations where users were redirected to third-party sites that had nothing to do with the original project.