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Microsoft Sheds Light on Windows 10 Update Policy

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Here’s a quick peek at Microsoft’s plans for future Windows 10 updates …

Microsoft senior program manager Chris Riggs revealed information about the company’s Windows 10 update and upgrade in a presentation at the WinHEC technical conference in Taiwan. While Riggs addressed business and Enterprise customers in the Windows As A Service presentation, some of it is also interesting to Home users. Microsoft plans to release single cumulative updates each month, and so-called feature updates twice a year.


Facebook to Activate Timeline Profiles For All Users in Autumn

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Facebook shoots itself in the foot and does its best to chase users away, Part 4,563 …

Timeline profiles became available on Facebook at the end of the year 2011 as an optional feature that Facebook users had to actively enable. The change shocked many users of the social networking site, but since no one was forced to switch to the new profile, the outcry quickly died off again, especially since a forced switch to the new profile never happened. Users of Facebook who switched to the new profile on the other hand had to face the fact that they could never go back to the old profile that the majority of users on Facebook were still using.


How to Avoid Facebook Timeline Profiles

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Here’s a cool trick for Facebook users who don’t want the new Timeline interface …

Facebook recently rolled out a new user profile design that the company calls Timeline. These new profiles change the layout and design of user profiles fundamentally. Facebook Timeline is currently an opt-in option, which means that users need to enable the new feature to turn their profiles into timeline profiles.