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A Remote Power Management Solution for Transportation Applications

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

When remote network elements in transportation applications crash or malfunction, the results are often traffic tie ups, unsafe driving conditions and loss of toll booth revenue. Even a brief interruption in the normal operation of a traffic signal, toll booth license plate reader or intelligent traffic system can quickly result in backed-up traffic, uncollected tolls and temporary loss of traffic monitoring capabilities. In cases like this, system administrators need a way to quickly correct network problems in roadside equipment enclosures and toll booths before conditions worsen to the point of all-out gridlock. Fortunately, WTI’s NPS-3F15 series Network Power Switches can provide a secure, reliable means to reboot network devices in transportation applications without the delays and expenses of a physical service call.


The New Bing Maps, What’s Your Take?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The “View Traffic” feature looks like a useful feature; all in all though, it doesn’t seem all that different from Google Maps …

With the recent Bing redesign came a new design for Bing Maps which more or less slipped by unnoticed. The main idea behind the redesign was to improve search by removing features, links and design elements that were in the way of the searcher, or not used enough to justify keeping them on the page.