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List of TrueCrypt Encryption Alternatives

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Apparently, the security of the TrueCrypt website has been compromised. Don’t let that stop you though; here are some workable alternatives …

If you open the TrueCrypt website right now you are redirected to a page right now stating that TrueCrypt is not secure and recommending that you switch to Microsoft’s BitLocker. It is not clear why the message is displayed on the page, and rumors range from a sad goodbye message by the TrueCrypt authors to a hack or NSA intervention. As far as facts are concerned, we know the following: The new TrueCrypt 7.2 version has a valid signature that was used to sign older versions as well which may either mean that a key was stolen from a developer, or that a developer used the key to sign the new version.


No Backdoors Found in First Part of TrueCrypt Audit

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Here’s an Open Source encryption solution for those concerned with privacy; it’s not perfect, but at least auditors weren’t able to find a backdoor (yet.)

The revelations of Edward Snowden’s leaks confirmed that security agencies spend time and money trying to undermine cryptographic software. Potential backdoors in cryptographic software or protocols would be disastrous, and that is one of the reasons why requests for audits became louder and more prominent. The Open Source encryption software TrueCrypt ran a fundraiser for a public TrueCrypt audit last year and managed to collect enough money to make that happen.