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Microsoft Sheds light on Windows 10 Security Improvements

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Hopefully, the improvements discussed here will eventually find their way into Windows 10 …

Microsoft hasn’t really revealed a lot about Windows 10 up to this day. While it has released a preview build of the operating system and a first update for it recently, one could still come to the conclusion that Windows 10 is like Windows 8 but with a start menu and the option to run apps in windows on the desktop. The company started to open up only recently and reveal additional information about Windows 10. It published a lengthy blog post today on the Windows For Your Business blog that details security improvements coming to the operating system.


Google Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication for Everyone – You Should Use It

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Business has relied on authentication protocols for years; it makes good sense for Google to provide the general public with authentication tools too …

Given how much data we’re trusting to online sites these days — email, search history, even voice calls — the repercussions to having our account passwords phished, hacked, or guessed are worse than ever. Unfortunately as far as consumers are concerned, account security has been stagnant for years: nearly every service requires a username and password, and that’s it. Cue the scary music and a Dateline special on having your identity stolen.