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Improve Firefox’s URL bar with Locationbar2

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

I like this concept; rather than removing the URL bar, add more functionality to it …

The website address is an essential element of any web browser, or at least of the browser’s of this generation as some browser developers experiment with designs that remove the addresses fully or partially from the browser (see Mozilla Also Experimenting With Url Bar-less Designs and Will Google Kill the URL Bar in Chrome?).


Mozilla Also Experimenting with URL Bar-less Designs

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I like the URL bar myself; for one thing, it’s a quick way to navigate to sites when you already know the URL, and for another, it’s kind of nice to know when you’ve been redirected to another URL.

Mike recently wrote a piece on Google’s idea to kill the Google Chrome url bar in order to save up more space for websites and web applications (see Will Google Kill the URL Bar in Chrome?).

It appears that Google is not the only company that experiments in that direction. Mozilla’s Paul Rouget published a screencast today that demonstrated some of his HTML5 and native control experiments.


Popup URL and Search Bar – Hides URL Bar in Firefox, Replaces It with OnDemand Popup

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Weird. It seems like every browser out there is coming out with these “hide search bar” add-ons lately; I had no idea that URL bars and search bars presented such a huge problem.

Removing toolbars from a web browser is an efficient option to increase the available screen estate for websites in the Internet browser. This is usually more interesting to users who work on low resolution screens, but users who like a minimalistic browser interface benefit from it as well.