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A High Quality Warranty Usually Means a High Quality Product

Monday, December 5th, 2011

When shopping for a remote control power switch, it’s often difficult to tell which product offers the highest quality. Sure, all manufacturers will promise that their remote control power switch is the best, but how can you tell if any given product will really live up to promises made by sales staff who are anxious to close a deal? It’s easy to see if the remote control power switch includes the features that you need for your remote reboot application, but how can you tell if the product will be reliable and offer years of problem-free service?


A Strong Warranty Can Say a lot about the Quality of a Serial Switch Product

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

The process of shopping for a serial switch product to serve as an out of band management solution can often be confusing. When you compare the various features and capabilities offered by the many different makes of serial switch products on the market, it’s fairly easy to see that they all offer a wide range of similar features related to out of band access, connectivity, security, event monitoring and alarm functions. It’s not that difficult to find a serial switch product that supports the capabilities needed by your out of band management application, but at first glance, it’s almost impossible to determine which serial switch product offers the highest levels of quality and reliability.


A Good Warranty is Often the Best Indicator of the Quality of a Serial Console Server

Friday, September 16th, 2011

In any network application that requires the management of network elements located at remote equipment sites, a good serial console server can provide network administrators with indispensable tools for monitoring and controlling conditions at the remote site without the need for a human presence at the site. The importance of the functions that are provided by a serial console server makes it doubly important that the serial console server will always be up and running and available for use when it’s needed the most.


Why is a Stronge Warranty Such an Imporant Feature for Serial Switch Products?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

When selecting a serial switch for an out of band management application, there are many different features that network administrators typically look for. Some administrators need a serial switch with more alarm and notification features, other administrators are looking for a serial switch with plenty of security features and still other administrators are looking for a serial switch with data buffering capabilities. But there’s one important feature that should be of interest to all network administrators who need the out of band access capabilities provided by a serial switch; a strong, long-term warranty.


Five Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Console Server …

Monday, May 24th, 2010

A console server or terminal server can provide secure, remote access to command functions on any network element that includes a serial console port, craft port or RS232 control port. There are many types and models of console servers on the market, which often makes it difficult to choose the right console server for your needs. Here are five questions to ask when selecting a console server:

  1. Does the Serial Console Server meet my requirements?
    The most important consideration when selecting a console server or RS232 server, is whether or not a particular model will fit the needs of your specific application. In order to ask this question, you must first make an assessment of the requirements of your application. Will the console server run on AC power or DC power? How many console ports do you need? How much rack space will the console server require? Does the application require RJ45 ports or DB9 ports? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to choose a console server that perfectly fits your application
  2. Does the Console Server have the feature set that I require?
    It’s equally important to figure out the type of features and capabilities that you need in a console server. How important is security? Will event logging be useful? Do I need alarms to alert me when critical conditions are detected? Will users require different levels of command access? The answers to these questions will depend on the environment in which the serial console server will be installed; some applications require heavier security than others, while other applications may not require features such as event logging.
  3. How will a Remote Console Server work and be implemented in real life application?
    Before purchasing a console server, it’s useful to have a fairly good understanding of how the individual console server model will function. Sales people can often answer general questions about operation, but it really helps to be able to review a copy of the console server’s user’s guide before making a purchase; this will give you a clearer picture of the unit’s capabilities, ease of operation and provide a clear picture of how the console server would fit into your application.
  4. What are the benefits of adding a Serial Console Server to my application?
    Ideally, a console server should do more than merely provide remote access to command functions. There are many other potential benefits that a console server can provide. These benefits include reducing in the number of service calls to remote installations, the ability to monitor environmental conditions in equipment racks, the ability to check the “wellness” of network elements and the ability to log command events and user access. The nature of your application will be the main factor in determining whether or not these abilities will be beneficial to your application.
  5. What support and warranty do I get with the Remote Console Server?
    Given the critical nature of a console server, it’s important that the console server will be up and running when you need it. A warranty might seem like something that you only worry about when you need it, but a good, strong warranty can also be an indication that a company is willing to stand behind its products and that those products are built well enough that the company is confident in their performance. WTI offers one of the best warranties in the business; five years, free labor, free parts, free support, free firmware upgrades and fast replacement delivery all help to ensure that when you need quick, secure access to console ports on network equipment, it will be there. You can count on WTI products to serve your network management needs.

For over 30 years, Western Telematic, Inc. (WTI) has been an innovator in the field of remote management for IT facilities. Our comprehensive product line includes a wide range of Serial Console Server products, Switched PDU products and Remote Reboot Switch products to provide secure, remote management of servers, routers and other devices.