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Cache Killer Forces Chrome to Bypass the Cache when Loading Sites

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Although this probably isn’t very useful for everyday browsing, it does sound like it would come in handy for web developers …

The browser cache is a useful feature of every modern web browser. While you won’t see any benefit on first connect most of the time, it kicks in when you open multiple pages of the same domain in the same or another browsing session. Contents of the website, such as the site’s logo, other images or contents, are saved to disk so that they are loaded from there the next time they are requested.


Simures – Display Websites in Different Resolutions

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

This seems like it would be a very useful tool for web designers …

As a web developer, you have to make sure that your website displays fine for the most widely used screen resolutions. Doing so ensures that site visitors have a good user experience on the website. We have already covered several programs, like the Computer Monitor Hotkey Resolution Changer or the Resolution Changer, to change the screen resolution on the fly.

Simures however offers a different approach than those third party programs. The online service can display any web page that is available online in any resolution available.


Codeburner – HTML and CSS Reference

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Here’s a handy resource for anybody who’s involved in web development …

Even the most experienced web developer has to look up HTML properties and CSS elements from time to time. Several websites like the official W3C website offer references online, and some web development tools have references integrated in the app.

Codeburner, a free tool for the two web browsers Firefox and Opera, the Mac OS X operating system and Adobe Air offers another option. The web development reference offers quick lookups of HTML properties and CSS elements. Depending on the version installed, it looks slightly different.