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How to Control Specific Programs for Different Users in Windows 7

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Here’s a handy trick for dealing with situations where multiple users share the same PC …

When it comes to using a shared computer, there are important considerations to think about in terms of programs that users can access. Naturally, you don’t want everybody to have Administrator privileges because any user could affect settings. If there are kids using the PC, this could turn out to be a sticky situation. Some users may only need certain programs and you probably don’t want them to have access to everything. There are many different circumstances when user account control is a smart move.


Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Gets Office 365 Support

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

The Remote Connectivity Analyzer seems like a useful tool for both system administrators, and also the rest of us who are just curious …

Microsoft’s Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a tool for system administrators to verify that the Internet connectivity of specific Microsoft services is setup and configured properly. The online tool has been initially released under the name Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer back in 2010. It has now been rebranded to take into account the availability of Office 365, Microsoft’s new cloud based Office collaboration suite on the Internet.