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Increase Windows 7 Performance in 4 Easy Steps

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

If your disappointed with the performance of your new Windows 7 PC, here’s how to speed it up a bit …

Even if you’ve just bought a brand new computer complete with Windows 7, you may find you’re lacking some power. Most new computers are pretty quick these days, but they are usually set to some default settings that can be tweaked to give you more power for nothing. These tips aim to show you a few easy to change settings that will release some extra power and speed up your computer without having to install anything.


Use Exclusions when Antivirus Software is Slowing your PC

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Here’s a useful tip; especially if your brand new PC is running slower after installing antivirus programs …

It is essential to protect your PC with reliable antivirus software. The drawback to this is that it often slows the PC down. In some cases it does so significantly. Some antivirus software can be very thorough and scan “potential invaders” that are part of your normal applications. Many of these programs do not need to be scanned. This takes up processor memory and slows down all programs and applications in use. By customizing exceptions, you take away much of the slowing effect by allowing the antivirus program to know what it needs to scan and what it does not. This frees the processor for other tasks at hand.