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Classic Shell – Add Dropped Features to Newer Windows Versions

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Talk about irony; Microsoft spends hundreds of thousands of dollars updating the Windows interface, then somebody else comes up with a simple, free program to put things back the way they used to be …

When you compare the Windows XP operating system to Vista or Windows 7, you will notice that Microsoft has changed, altered or removed features in the newer operating system. From a new start menu to a new Windows Explorer layout, new copy user interface or the new Internet Explorer 9 that looks and feels slightly different than previous versions of the web browser.


Microsoft warn of Windows Shell Critical Vulnerability

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Again? When it comes to vulnerability, Windows seems to lead the pack …

Microsoft have warned of a critical vulnerability in Windows Shell, caused when parsing .lnk shortcuts that can automatically launch a malicious program through use of a specially crafted shortcut.

The vulnerability affects all versions of Windows including XP and Windows 7.   On Windows 7 the exploit can bypass the operating system’s security as it does not require administrative privileges to run.