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Unable to Terminate Process – Windows Task Manager Alternatives

Friday, November 4th, 2011

If the Terminate Process function in Windows Task Manager isn’t powerful enough for you, then here are some other options …

Today I tried to install the Adobe Flash Plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The basic idea was to download the executable, run it and have Flash installed. The problem was that somehow the whole process got corrupted which had several consequences. The Flash Player installation running in the background was creating new temporary Flash executables in the temporary cache directory. When I tried to terminate the process via Windows Task Manager I received the message that access was denied. This happened with the online installer. I received the message “Unable to Terminate Process The operation could not be completed The operation is not valid for this process”.


Microsoft Readies Task Manager for Large Scale Computer Systems

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I wonder if any of these improvements will eventually be implemented on the PC version of Task Manager?

When you look at the performance view of Windows Task Manager on your desktop PC you probably see between two or eight logical processors listed in the interface. On large scale computer systems running Windows 7, the count may be a lot higher. Microsoft showed a screenshot of the performance tab of Windows Task Manager with 160 logical processors.


Windows 8 Task Manager – A Step in the Right Direction?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I can see why Microsoft continues to dumb-down it’s products in order to make them appeal to a wider user base … but I wish they could find a way to make their stuff more easily accessible without sacrificing advanced functionality.

If you have followed the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8 you may have noticed that the Redmond company has redesigned the Windows Task Manager. When you first open it it only displays programs that have been started by the user. While that’s probably ok for the majority of users, it is nothing that experienced users would want to work with.


Process Explorer 14 Released

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

I haven’t tried this out myself, but it sounds like an extremely useful tool for tech types …

Process Explorer by Sysinternals is one of those programs that every computer technician and enthusiast should have in their troubleshooting collection. Process Explorer 14 has just been released by its developer Mark Russinovich. The new version of the popular process analysis tool is considered a major update.